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    overkill - 05:26

    What is PCmatic?

    1st-1 - 21:55

    can someone help me find my intelligent thoughts, I lost them somewhere between here and there

    1st-1 - 14:04

    I need a large pizza with green peppers

    killemall - 02:33

    911 - whats your emergency? :O

    1st-1 - 00:05

    dam, dialed the wrong number agin

    bigdad - 07:00

    oh wow it did

    bigdad - 06:59

    this wont post.

    mCmAl - 18:23

    how funny, it takes just one player to mess up the game, even worse than a cheater, this one ****ing kid spamming stuns on killhouse...

    PiNK - 03:35

    hihi, everyone. ;)

    tugboat - 22:31

    LOL BD, get a room would ya.

    bigdad - 03:43

    To all that read adeptly placed shoutboxage ;) yes, shoutboxage, I propose and adhere to the following; I love you.

    1st-1 - 16:01

    name change kick in crash dont work

    1st-1 - 00:56

    put a app; in @http://www.fatalforces.com/index.php/fforums, then hop in team speak & get to know us.

    Dajimawa Lee - 23:27

    How can I get an admin of cod 4? I`m willing to pay for it :)

    bigdad - 01:00

    Sometimes a brother needs to be registerin' n stuff. ;)

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