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bigdad - 07:29

molecule lol

bigdad - 07:28

Every molecule of our being was once a molecule of an ancient star that exploded eons past.

ameezus - 05:05

why do i get kicked every time i join a server??

16shep - 00:56

**** TEST

mCmAl - 16:23

the stun **** is back on eu killhouse, the one week ban didnt do him any good...

bigdad - 04:44

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0PisGe66mY asereje :D

killemall - 01:15

Sorry ... Creating a new web site user account fails

killemall - 01:14

Creating a new web site channel fails with 404 error http://fatalforces.com/membership/new/ffmembers?format=html&layout=default

james - 03:00

Gary, It's fixed, thanks!

gary - 09:15

Paid my donation on the 3rd july not on the list :(

bigdad - 08:11

To say that we're imperfect, is to say that we are human; To say that we are human, is perfection in and of itself. I have 78 characters left but I only know one. (insert ponderance face ) :D

bigdad - 07:37

I only get 200 characters to type my wisdom. ****, a space counts as one character. Bubblegum used to be a penny for 2, and now I'm dinged for hitting the spacebar ? 30 characters left. 11. shucks

mCmAl - 18:48

1st, he came back on the killhouse eu server

1st-1 - 18:47

Killhouse U.S. is 999

mCmAl - 18:29

can someone please ban the stun idiot on killhouse eu? he comes back everyday, makes the game unplayable...

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