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GoopTheMighty - 19:31

hacker in Shipment ...help?

rip 丨 jinx - 17:03

I have demos of people doing that

zer0hour - 11:11

Get a demo of it next time bud...I'd like to see it. Was he just throwing them and switching teams?

mCmAl - 13:37

zero, he exploits a bug where you can throw unlimited stuns...

Synergy Chubbs - 02:52

They should make like a low population server like 6v6 cause there is wayyy too many people ob these servers

zer0hour - 23:54

we don't ban for spamming stuns

mCmAl - 19:08

he left...

mCmAl - 19:07

1st, can you please ban the stun spammer in killhouse server

james - 02:54

Thanks. Sabotage + crossfire reset to fix 999 ping.

rip 丨 jinx - 22:52

Sabotage server needs a restart please :D

k-pax - 15:31

Can someone check my post about haker on forum, this player keep coming back all the time

watcher - 15:10

Servers are restarted, must be ok now!

1st-1 - 14:09

eu servers need restart please, triple 9ers

bigdad - 03:58

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kK62tfoCmuQ :P

james - 23:02

Killhouse, Broadcast, Xfire/Broadcast, Bolts reset to fix 99 ping.

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