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bigdad - 23:18

there is a shovel in Ohio that is standing up on its tip that was stood there in a basement by a man in 1963. I saw the picture, but don't know if it still stands. think of this.

esw.trinity - 17:48

Posted Ban Appeal. Awaiting approval.

bigdad - 17:14

Tigre3000, you are unbanned. Please accept my apologies and get back in here gaming !

daveybrat - 14:18

Your wisdom shows no boundaries oh Bigdad xD

bigdad - 04:08

Human beings. Unit of issue; 1 each. How to deal with One' s Self? Consider. THUS, sayeth the Dad :O

SwitchFlip - 04:34

My new video ;D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56OpdsLtL70 ;)

Declerq - 18:17

american server btw

Declerq - 18:16

deathwalker on broadcast 24/7 wallhack ;)

killemall - 17:21

Try our newest server "pistols" -

bigdad - 04:22

I love you all.

bigdad - 04:05

asereje ! ;)

daveybrat - 11:52

Watcher, can you reset EU Killhouse? 999ping

bigdad - 00:43

I cannot shout in the shoutbox from the home tab of this blessed webpage. At first, I was shocked, then, I became moist.pcmatic

bigdad - 00:42


overkill - 05:26

What is PCmatic?

The shoutbox is unavailable to non-members