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mCmAl - 16:06

Trying my luck, 1st can you drop by the kh eu?

1st-1 - 15:09

? :O

bigdad - 00:18

PLEASE know that it is a problem in many of our eyes, Maybe admins should just ask em to stop ? Meantime, please connect to our TeamSpeak if ya like to report these things in a quicker way.

bigdad - 00:12

Maybe it would be a plus to everyone if flash and stun trolls could be curtailed by admins and supported by the seniors as valid.

bigdad - 00:05

A lot of folks have been using this glitch. Although everything is allowed in a few servers, at some point it just becomes ridiculous. We have rules, and rules sometimes need modification. So..,

mCmAl - 16:22

1st, can you drop by killhouse eu, the stun kid is back

bigdad - 00:57

private message received. will never never ever know if the reply is met. like 2 blind turtles hatching a softball.

gaz - 03:25

any admin going to kick another player using multiple stuns called Federer?? he is in killhouse EU

gaz - 03:15

some one ticks me off, started saying im crying while hacks isn't allowed

gaz - 03:14

i aint playing right now, Jorge used the multiple stun hacks in Killhouse UE/UK whichever it is and i am dead serious cus i aint happy right now

romeo? - 23:51

I like it!

BlueStar - 15:37

Map Completed! :D Cant wait for everyone to try it out and let me know how you like it. It is on the Pistols only server, posted in forum as well :) .

james - 19:28

Cobra/Chewy/1st-1, Thanks. Servers restarted.

1st-1 - 16:09

all the U,S, servers are Pinging out 999. Please restart

Chewy - 15:37

Bolts is doing a 999 ping, making the server feel like we have about 50 more ping. Please can someone restart it?

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