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bigdad - 06:14


1st-1 - 17:50

If you believe you was falsely ban for hacks, please go to our forum http://www.fatalforces.com/fforums and post a appeal. It will be reviewed.

skolt - 16:44

October 24, 2014 I was accused of using a cheat. During the game, the server = FF = 24 / 7Broadkast. The prosecution put forward player RATRATRATRAAT. I was instantly banned. This accusation is false

that_guy - 03:30

Why did I just get temp banned? Some other guy was racist in chat and I get temp banned!?

Proximity - 23:18

@Jesse James, Please post on the forums with a demo :)

Jesse James - 11:06

Need ban GuID fckn stun noob gladis on kill house

daveybrat - 00:28

why don't you take a demo of him then Damirrr? Stop crying 'Hack' and actually spec someone for once......

[BMP]Damirrr - 19:36

why your admin with the name of ZORSY constantly uses hack?

birdaddy - 11:19

24/7 Crash has a wallhacker by the name of: ItsPabloStyl Be on the lookout if you see him

badman@uk - 07:33

r i p m8

gijammer - 01:00


daveybrat - 02:44

Very sad to hear about Alca's passing. Rest in peace my friend. You will be sorely missed by all.

bigdad - 02:26

What does a lion think of when he sees a cat ?

bigdad - 03:15

Then, simply pound the ****ed dough into a flat and cook it with the sun, or by fire, or by sticking it up You're fat .. Then enjoy ! :D Stay tuned for more helpful Big Tips !

bigdad - 03:10

A very fine source of starch and nutrients are acorns ; You have to remove them from their shells, dry and grind them into a flour, then leech the tannic acid out by soaking in water

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