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  • First Name:Robert Walker
  • Aliases (in-game name): Dr.Monkey
  • Location in the World: san diego cail
  • Age:38
  • What servers do you play on:paintball / crossfire and any other =FF= server that people are playing on 
  • Referred or endorsed by whom: james/2old2run/overkill/ 
  • Are you or were you in a previous clan:just =FF=
  • If so why did you leave your last clan:i wentr and got my life together 
  • Why do you want to join the Fatal Forces clan:i would like to be back with my friends and help keep the servers going .
  • If accepted do you agree to give a small donation of at least $10.00 us dollars each month to help keep our servers online:yes
  • Tell us something about yourself: im a pc gamer thats been playing for years, i started out with quake and doom . 
  • online . if you wanna know anymore about me just ask 
  • Do you agree to stay active on our servers, Teamspeak and the website:yes  im on teamspeak nightly 
  • Do you agree that if you are not active for two weeks that we remove you from the clan:i do understand
  • You will need to join Team speak 3 before we will even think about accepting your application.
Yay, amazing that you're reapplying, dear Dr.Monkey! Cool
The clan has for sure become another one since you've left the scene years ago.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ2ws9PCsZ86TPEJjKU-ig...J3dHx8LI&s]

My paintball hood feels less lonely with you being around often  Angel
Also I enjoy the TS talks with you!
Last but not least you wouldn't be the first gorgeous member from San Diego - great gamer area obviously Heart
Totally endorsed!   Shy
[Image: giphy.gif] [Image: 9o49v1dnxqreizp6g.jpg]
A man will go to war, fight & die for his country. But he won't get a bikini wax. (R.Rudner) | Night air, good conversation & a sky full of stars can heal almost any wound. (B.Taplin)
thank you . you made my day . i enjoy playing paint ball with you and you always keep me on my toes. thank you for the endorsement
Hey Monkey,

You gotten my endorsement also.
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcSA-XDpUIOjfGagiG5LY...w&usqp=CAU]
[Image: C92-FC55-E-E2-B8-4-C55-870-F-48-D296-DCF463.png]
HI !! 
Good to see your application, ...... Finally!  

   We'll see about getting you into shape this month then.  
Good guy, had some fun playin with recently

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