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Members List

Below is a listing of all members of Fatal Forces and the duties they help perform.

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Name Duties Active/Inactive
HP_Rabi Clan Owner Retired
RedHorse Clan Owner Active
James Server Admin Active
Killemall Server Admin Active
N00B3NATOR Website Admin Active????
Deacon Senior Admin Active
2OldToRun Senior Admin Active
Tugboat Website Handyman Active
712 Admin Active
9Fingers Admin Active
potlood Admin Active
Acemi Admin Active
TAGROCKET Admin Active
Mayo Z Admin Inactive
Betel Admin Active
Blossom Admin Active
BMP Admin Active
BTW Admin Active
Kitty Admin New Admin
Inga Admin New Admin
Dusty Admin Active
L!nk Admin Active
MADMAC Admin Active
Mirvis Admin InActive
Ov3rKiLL Admin Active
RazGriz Admin Active
PeaceMkr Admin Active
Metro Admin Active
Termi Admin Returning Member
Overkill Admin Returning Member
1st Admin Returning Member
Ginobili Admin Active
Stokeman Admin New Recruit
Blaze Admin New Recruit
Armywifey Admin New Recruit
JayJay Admin New Recruit
Cobra Trusted Player Active
ChieF Trusted Player Active
Devislesick Trusted Player Active
Devilsown Trusted Player Active
Fralg Trusted Player Active
Goose Trusted Player Active
Gracie Trusted Player Active
Mark Trusted Player Active
Red Trusted Player Active
Supreme Trusted Player Active
Wings99 Trusted Player Active
Wooderson Trusted Player Active
**Members who have not been active in the servers and/or forums within the last 60 days are marked as inactive.